Who are we,

Network IQ are Independent central heating installation contractors who collectively form a nation wide heating installer network. Working in New Zealand's largely unregulated market we are committed to applying high quality installation standards. 

Accreditation is a mark of competency, achieved through demonstrating a level of system knowledge & meeting standards set out by our primary component suppliers Heat IQ. We do not pay for this accreditation we earn it!

Our work is periodically reviewed by the technical support team at Heat IQ. We primarily install systems based around their products.

Network IQ installers specialise in radiator and Under-floor systems for domestic and light commercial applications.

Higher standards right from the off! 

It is all too easy for a contractor to promote themselves as a heating expert, However in a market where there are very few code requirements, no formal qualifications and very little training for heating installer, you may not be getting quite what you expect! 

Network IQ  installers will work with you to provide a  system which is efficient and effective. Systems designed for optimum performance with appropriate features and control to ensure usability and efficiency.

Our systems are professionally specified by the  design team at heat IQ who before we start, produce a system overview for your full consideration.  

We would love the opportunity to work with you explore possibilities or quote for your next project.

It's the things you don't always see that can make the biggest difference

Hidden Quality 

Poor quality pipe and inadequate insulation can be a hidden time bomb

Pipe and fittings may be unseen  but  they are the  veins of your system.

We use  NTM  fittings, from Italy this  system distributed in NZ by Heat IQ  meets the highest European standards giving long term service in heating applications. 

Where pipes are insulated we apply ecover closed cell insulation with a 13mm or 19mm wall thickness.

We do not use pre insulated pipes which are designed for hot and cold plumbing & have  inadequate 10mm insulation.


A Beating heart

At the heart of every system lies the heat source we install systems using Gas or Diesel boilers and Air to water heat pumps.

All the boilers we install are  latest technology  European Condensing models from world leading.

European manufacturers. On average our condensing boilers use around 15% less energy than a standard efficiency boiler, (Condensing boilers are mandatory in Europe)

For Heat pump systems Heat IQ have incorporated Daikin compressors and Carel control systems into IQ units designed especially for New Zealand applications.

Optimised heat transfer

Producing the heat and delivering it to the room is one thing efficiently transmitting heat is another. 

Over or under sizing will adversely effect performance. It is important to ensure that radiators are correctly sized, or that pipework in a floor is correctly spaced, sized & laid to give the best possible output efficiency.

Our radiator systems are professionally sized using efficient radiators that will provide maximum output from minimal water content. 

Underfloor systems are professionally CAD designed using heat loss calculation. Each floor has adetailed pipe layout for total peace of mind

Complimented by Intelligent control.

Control is the key to both usability and efficiency.  Your system will include user friendly control features that match your needs and lifestyle. including  the latest IQ WIFI control options

Guaranteed peace of mind 

The combination of quality products from a single source Leading NZ supplier along with installation by a heating expert is what sets Network IQ apart.

All the Heat IQ supplied components used in your system are chosen to provide dependable service. None the less we  recognise  the need for peace of mind should there be an issue of any kind, that's why... 

All Network IQ installations of heat IQ systems are backed by an industry leading formal written warranty which covers parts and labour.

"we are driven by a passion for comfort

lets get your heating sorted ."

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